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Occasional or for follow-up, this massage aims to relieve tensions or contractures. It can be the subject of a postural and joint evaluation. Natural tools and products can be used. Typically, this massage is more targeted to a region or two.


This massage is used without or with little gel and sometimes with the use of cream which is with the aim of creating skin friction in order to initially dissociate the epithelial and fascial tissues which cover the muscles and also in order to create a hyperemia. Subsequently, we work the muscle fiber at different angles in order to soften it and thus relieve tensions or contractures. Due to the technique this massage is performed with slow maneuvers.


Traditionally this massage is aimed at working on energy lines. It combines several techniques such as acupressure, joint movements and several types of effleurage.


Preferably used on people a little more in the presence of flesh, this technique is intended to be random and is performed with the forearms.


Preferably carried out on people more in the presence of chairs, this massage is carried out using sticks of several shapes in order to adapt to the physiognomy of the recipient. Quite suitable for highly contracted people.


This massage is mainly dedicated to the neck, face and skull and includes a mini facial. In a strategic order, we find irrigation techniques, acupressure, pinching at the level of present or emerging wrinkles. It is carried out for the purpose of skin maintenance, rejuvenation and ultimately to relax as many nerve endings are found in this region.


Recognized worldwide, this type wants to be relaxing and preventative. There are 4 basic techniques. It is therapeutic at the muscular and nervous level in a global sense and without the discomfort that may be encountered in therapy.


A technique which combines gentleness, slowness and effectiveness on the lymphatic system which operates in the same direction in order to act on the immune system. It can also be used on muscle tension, to accelerate the healing of injuries or following surgery. It is even used as a technique in rejuvenating type massages!

This massage is highly recommended for people with thin skin tissue or those who do not require pain for the effectiveness of a treatment. Generally good for everyone!


Just like Kobido, many nerve endings are found in the foot. As a result, so-called reflex organs are affected. This massage is generally carried out without any product in order to perform techniques that require no sliding. Several syndromes, disorders or health problems can be helped.


Similiar to the hot stone massage, the shell offers heat to work the muscle more efficiently. The differents surfaces allows to work the muscle different ways.


More than 12 weeks of pregnancy is required as a preventative measure for both parties. From my experience, I recommend the classic position. A moment not only for you but to reflect on your offspring.


Training undertaken and adapted for toddlers and children allows me to not only offer care but also teach you some techniques to provide it yourself. It has benefits on several levels. Additionally, legal guardians can also benefit from a session.



Image by Ravi Patel
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